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Friday, August 5, 2011

Grounded in Creativity Collection

This art collection is inspired by the Root Chakras. An important part of root is being grounded and so my natural though was trees. They have roots, in the ground. What can I say; I'm simple. On another note it is nice to be back to making cc. I won't be making it as often as I was but I am definitely going to make it part of my routine.

This simpack is one mesh with 7 variations. It looks like the mesh creators paintings until you highlight the paintings in the menu. Then my art comes up. Thank you baufive for the mesh.


Link to CC


LiLSapphire Sim Stuff said...

Nice collection Crys. Nice to have new art choices for my builds.

Hugs Lil

Bergcrys said...

thanks :) more to come in this style and im planning others

Anonymous said...

These are amazing pictures, I really like the one with the cityscape.

Bergcrys said...

thanks seaweedy :)

judywork1957 said...

Great job Crys!! Nice to see you back to creating cc again!

Bergcrys said...

thanks judy :)

Anonymous said...


Bergcrys said...

THanks :)