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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As per request...

It has been requested that I post my Addams Family as it is apparently not available on The Sims 3 website. Go EA! You win again!


Household Name: Addams
Funds:  §26,500
Number of Residents:  7
Member List:

Morticia Addams - Female, Young Adult
Morticia is the matriarch of the Addams clan. If there's anything that makes her happy it's being surrounded by her family. She is family oriented and friendly to people despite being considered quite macabre by most. She is very affectionate towards her husband and is a great kisser to boot! She is a good person at heart and is artistic and enjoys painting in her free time Her favorite food is tri tip steak (as long as it's rare). Her favorite music is french, and her favorite colour is black.

Gomez Addams - Male, Young Adult
Gomez is the Addams family patriarch. He loves his family and professes undying love for his wife Morticia. He has an affinity for when she speaks drives him mad with desire! He is childish and loves to play with toys. He is a great kisser which his wife will account for. HE is friendly and easily excited by things as well. He loves spagetti with meatballs , french music, and the colour black. By BERGCRYS

Fester Addams - Male, Young Adult
Uncle Fester is the brother of Gomez Addams. He is shy and a is never nude. He is however a good person.he often gets headaches that last until he puts his head in the screwpress . He is clumsy and often falls and hurts himself. He is also a bit of a daredevil showing off by conducting electricity and lighting lightbuilbs in his mouth! He is also eccentric and adept at inventions. His favorite food is stu surprise because hes never wuite sure what Gandmama will surprise them with! He likes french music and the colour black. by BERGCRYS

Lurch Addams - Male, Young Adult
Lurch is the Addams family butler. He is handy and is often tinkering and fixing things around the Addams household. Unfortunately though, due to his size he is clumsy and fumbles. He is an important part of the Addams household and the children love him. He is good natured and friendly. He is also adept at music and can often be found playing the harpsichord. He is also very neat. His favorite food is waffles, his favorite music is french music, and his favorite colour is black. by BERGCRYS

Grandmama Addams - Female, Elder
Grandmama Addams is an integral part of the Addams clan even though noone is really sure where she came from. Gomez believes her to be Morticia's mother and Morticia believes her to be Gomez and Fester's mother. Regardless though the family wouldn't be the same without her. She is insane and you never know what to expect from her. She is also a natural cook and provides most of the family meals. She is absent minded and has a good sense of humour. She is also very tidy and is endlesslessly cleaning. Her favorite food is cookies and her favorite music is french and her favorite colour is black. by BERGCRYS

Wednesday Addams - Female, Child
Wednesday is Gomez and Morticia's daughter. She is evil, a loner and grumpy. She often comes up with schemes that get her and her brother in trouble. by BERGCRYS

Pugsley Addams - Male, Child
Pugsley is the son of Mortica and Gomez. He is a dardevil, meanspirited and adventurous. He often falls prey to his sister's schemes. by BERGCRYS


Miss. Lena said...

Love the adams family, I miss that show!:) Great job!

Bergcrys said...

thanks :D

Kane Parker said...

Awesome adaptation of the Adams Family!

They look just the part!

Keep up the great work!

Bergcrys said...

thank you so much for your nice comment :)

Pistolkitten said...

Hahaha I love lurch he's so scary looking

Bergcrys said...

haha thanks....lurch was my fave!