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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday's Collection

Modern art won in the polls so here it is in all it's glory. Please take part in this week's poll. I included the runner's up as they had a great deal of votes as well. This will continue to be a weekly feature as long as it get attention so take your chance to have a say in what you see next!.

Presenting Modern Art...

 Link to Delerium- AJ LaGasse by Bergcrys
 Link to Lines by Bergcrys
 Link to Dissolution - Pamela Sukhum by Bergcrys
 Link to Modern Art Painting-Susana Garza by Bergcrys
 Link to Abstract Flowers in Vase by Bergcrys
 Link to Window Panes With Bicycle-Chriss Pagani by Bergcrys
 Link to Bamboo amoungst Oaks-Pamela Sukhum by Bergcrys
 Link to Vintage-CarmenGuedez by Bergcrys
 Link to Standing stones at a winter solstice-Amanda Joy by Bergcrys
 Link to lesfleurs-Zachary Brown by Bergcrys
 Link to Horizon by Bergcrys
Link to Red Rose-beyond dream art by Bergcrys

I hope you all Enjoy Monday's Collection chosen by you. I am always open to suggestions as to options I should Include in the next poll. Cheers!


NerdyGirl88 said...

Wow!! I love these!! I cannot WAIT to download them! Great work! :D

Bergcrys said...

Thanks :) I try to look for things I would decorate my own home with.

Myst said...

these are wonderful!!! I may have to start downloading CC... hehe

Bergcrys said...

why thank you :)

Peacemaker ic said...

brilliant berg. can't wait to see in game :)

Bergcrys said...

thanks peacy :)

Ceridwen said...

Congratulations for your amazing Sims work, and thanks for sharing them! :)

Bergcrys said...

thank you very much. Im hoping to have new stuff posted soon. its been a couple off weeks for me.