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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Emotional Release Collection

This collection is all about the Sacral chakra. One of the main elements in readings I've done on chakras is emotions. Hence my collection tries to mimic that. There are 13 paintings; 4 wide paintings, 4 tall and 5 square. Mesh is by baufive.

I hope you all enjoy the collection. I hope to have more as soon as work allows.

 Link to Wide art

Link to Square Art 

Link to Tall Art

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grounded in Creativity Collection Part II

Well here is the second part of the Grounded in Creativity Collection. I hope you all enjoyed Part I. As I said before these are inspired by the Root Chakra. There are 6 paintings in 3 files; a trio, 2 tall, and 3 square. I hope you all enjoy this addition to my blog. Please feel free to leave comments or contact me with things you'd like to see. If you have in the past and I didn't make what you asked for it was simply because my computer was out of commission for almost 6 months. I would be happy to try to meet your bequests.

 Link to Tall Art

 Link to Trio Art

Link to Square art

Friday, August 5, 2011

Grounded in Creativity Collection

This art collection is inspired by the Root Chakras. An important part of root is being grounded and so my natural though was trees. They have roots, in the ground. What can I say; I'm simple. On another note it is nice to be back to making cc. I won't be making it as often as I was but I am definitely going to make it part of my routine.

This simpack is one mesh with 7 variations. It looks like the mesh creators paintings until you highlight the paintings in the menu. Then my art comes up. Thank you baufive for the mesh.


Link to CC