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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tattoo Series III by Bergcrys

I know, this has been a long time coming but I've had a rough few days. I apologize for the delay to anyone who was anticipating the post of more tattoos. I hope the wait is worth it.

 Link to Skull with Roses by Bergcrys
 Link to Celtic Heart by Bergcrys
 Link to Rose by Bergcrys
 Link to Eeyore by Bergcrys
 Link to Butterfly 2 by Bergcrys
 Link to Celtic Circle by Bergcrys
 Link to Tree of Life by Bergcrys

Don't is the last day to vote for the collection that comes out tomorrow. Cheers! And thanks for all your visits and votes so far! :D


Pinklady1 said...

Wow these are awesome! I love the one of Eeyore and the Butterfly. I'm a huge Winnie the Pooh Fan and I love butterflies.

Bergcrys said...

well youre in luck cuz i have all the characters planned and a bunch of butterflies in different styles

Bergcrys said...

lol oh and thanks :)

Anonymous said...

WoW! How do you make the just plain black tattoos? I read a tutorial on MTS3 but they only really told you how to make coloured ones. Can you help me please?

Vagafur said...

Lovely tattoos, only I noticed that the link to Celtic Circle leads to the Tree of Life file. I really do want that Celtic Circle :)

Anonymous said...

the celtic cross link points to the tree of life one

Shyne said...

May I please request a tattoo? Please make one like the tree tattoo out of Carnivale :D

Bergcrys said...

morningbreather: I used the tutorial on MTS as well. I simply did not fill in any colour ;)

Vagafur an Anonymous: thank you very much for letting me know. it must have been overlooked. i appologize. I'll go fix it now.

Shyne: if you would email me the pic you would like to the email I have provided I would love to. It must be at least 300x300 and in black and white. shading is acceptable.

Bergcrys said...

there...fixed :)

Pistolkitten said...

Crazy, my brother has a tree of life tattoo. :D

Bergcrys said...

well now you can make a sim him ;)

Anonymous said...

I love these, especially the skull and rose one, thank you so much! :D

Do you have any plans to do any more skull (sugar skulls etc) and rose type ones?
Also some Japanese style (Koi fish, tigers, dragons etc) ones would be awesome, especially for arm sleeves. :)

Bergcrys said...

I could include some of those in my next tattoo collection. next week i have some catching up to do but maybe ill do those the following week :)

Anonymous said...

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